Il modo più semplice per risparmiare: Cashback World

Il modo più semplice per risparmiare: Cashback World E se ti dicessi che puoi guadagnare mentre acquisti i tuoi oggetti preferiti? Sì è una follia, lo so, ma è la realtà. Oggi voglio farti scoprire un'applicazione che ha cambiato (stravolto, in realtà) il mio modo di fare acquisti online e offline. L'ESSENZIALE Partiamo dalla base: non voglio promuoverti nessun servizio a pagamento né tantomeno una consulenza di marketing, voglio solo farti conoscere un progetto che - secondo me - è davvero vantaggioso. Si chiama Cashback World  operated by Lyonesse molti di voi, forse, ne hanno già sentito parlare, molti [...]


Getting around Singapore: the metro and the ‘Singapore Tourist Pass’

Getting around Singapore: the metro and the ‘Singapore Tourist Pass’ One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around Singapore without restrictions: the Singapore Tourist Pass. Almost all the big cities that have a metro or subway offer tourist passes, so Singapore couldn’t be an exception! WHERE TO BUY THE SINGAPORE TOURIST PASS I suggest that you buy it when you land at the airport. If you are looking for specific information on Singapore Airport, one of the most beautiful in the world, read this article "Singapore: all you need to know about public transport and Changi [...]


Singapore Toy Museum – MINT

Singapore Toy Museum - MINT Are you ready to explore a museum of toys from all over the world, the MINT of Singapore? I haven’t even found an article in Italian about this museum which, in my opinion, is to be included among the mandatory stops of your Singapore itinerary. If you’re into fantasy and love vintage things, then this is a must, with over 8000 toys on display ranging from the 1840s to the 1970s. FREE ADMISSION WITH THE ‘SINGAPORE TOURIST PASS’ Have you already watched my video on YouTube "Everything you need to know about Singapore"? [...]


Tornare da Hong Kong e aver voglia di ravioli al vapore! Prepariamoli!

Tornare da Hong Kong e aver voglia di ravioli al vapore! Prepariamoli! Che tu sia stato in Asia o meno, se stai leggendo questo articolo è perché ami - tanto quanto me -  i ravioli al vapore. I ravioli al vapore cinesi chiamati dumplings sono dei fagottini ripieni di verdure, carne o pesce. Ciò che accomuna tutte le varianti è la presenza della salsa di soia con il suo particolare sapore dolciastro. In Asia ne ho assaggiati in ogni tipo di variante anche se i migliori li ho trovati a Hong Kong, patria del cibo cinese. Questi sono gli [...]


Looking for a hotel in Bucharest? My experience at the Hotel Christina

Looking for a hotel in Bucharest? My experience at the Hotel Christina I don’t know about you, but I love those cold winter evenings when I can scour the internet for great deals. Sipping a hot tea, I often search for low-cost flights to European capitals. I have planned short getaways for years taking advantage of flight deals that don’t cost more than € 20 each way. It’s so wonderful to think that Europe is at your fingertips just for the price of a restaurant meal. Isn’t it great that going to Paris, London, Amsterdam is no longer [...]


Flying over Yosemite National Park

Flying over Yosemite National Park Have you ever thought of admiring the beauty of the Yosemite National Park in California from another perspective? Specifically, from above?This type of experience is designed for those who cannot walk or for those who are after a unique and different experience.Such a visit to the Yosemite National Park is suitable for those which find walking along the park trails quite difficult or those who are simply looking for a unique experience. You’ll still get to admire the high granite walls, the waterfalls, the streams and all that the park has to offer.Hundreds of tourists [...]


Hotel Melia Campione: when an event becomes an amazing experience

Hotel Melia Campione: when an event becomes an amazing experience Before I tell you all about this particular hotel, I believe a general presentation of the Melià hotel chain is necessary. Are you ready to dive into a sea of ​​splendor? Over 350 hotels in 40 different countries, about 87,000 rooms, millions of employees, these are just some of the thousand reasons why you should consider staying here when traveling. Meliá Hotels International is one of the most important hotel chains of all time. It was founded in 1956 by Gabriel Escarrer Juliá in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. [...]


Slovenia, as told by an “atypical” Blogger | #TravelInterview

Slovenia, as told by an "atypical" Blogger | #TravelInterview Today, with this Travel Interview, I want to take you to Slovenia, to a region, in particular, one that greatly impressed my interviewee. I’ll also introduce you to a different way of blogging, where the journey is more important than anything else, even the traveler. Let me introduce you to Enzo, the travel blogger behind ‘Incurable Traveler’. In a world full of selfies, he made the radical choice not to appear in the photos he takes. Together with his wife, he tells about the places he visits, their culture, [...]


The Summer food festivals in Istria, Croatia

The Summer food festivals in Istria, Croatia Join me today as I explore four wonderful places along Croatia’s Adriatic coast: Umag, Novigrad, Verteneglio and Buje. This part of Croatia is called Istria and it is known for its beaches and crystalline sea, the colorful fishing villages and the quaint villages rich in culture and history. We’ll head to the northwestern part of Istria, the one closest to the Italian border. An area rich in natural wonders, with a fantastic culinary tradition, luxury resorts and spas, anything that can make a holiday special. A kaleidoscope of colors, aromas and [...]


The most beautiful boutique hotel in the world: “The Luxe Manor” in Hong Kong

The most beautiful boutique hotel in the world: "The Luxe Manor" in Hong Kong Come along and enter a world of elegance & charm: The Luxe Manor. This is probably the most beautiful boutique hotel I've ever seen in my life. WHERE IS THE THE LUXE MANOR BOUTIQUE HOTEL LOCATED? "Yes, it is beautiful but ... where is it?" It is a bit far from Italy but if you’re thinking of traveling to Hong Kong, I suggest you read this article and consider staying here on your trip. The hotel is opposite Hong Kong Island and, more precisely, [...]


Earth, sea and sky: California’s must-see natural wonders

Earth, sea and sky: California's must-see natural wonders I've never been to California, but one of the things I love to do is to dream-travel through books, documentaries and other people's articles. A few days ago I came across this article from the US Tourism Authority that talks about California as a paradise for nature lovers. There are as many different landscapes as there are ways to discover this part of the world. In this article, I’d like to bring you along as I explore unspoiled landscapes, where nature shows itself naked and raw in its incredible beauty [...]


A local’s guide to shopping in Salzburg

A local's guide to shopping in Salzburg Join me today as I go shopping in Salzburg, stopping at boutiques and stores recommended by locals. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I prefer to visit places that are off the conventional tourist routes. Tag along as I shop at some of the city’s favorite shops, following the recommendations I found on the Austrian Tourist Board website. Salzburg is famous for its Mozart connection (he was born here) as well as the festival he later inspired, but it is also known for its enchanting [...]