All you need to know before traveling to Bucharest + Vlog

Beyond all expectations, today I’ll share some information on Bucharest, a city that until a few months ago, I never thought I’d want to visit.

One day I was scouring the web for some cheap deals and came across a €7 flight on the Ryanair website. I didn’t even stop to think if readers would find this destination interesting enough or if I even had the budget for a trip to Romania, I just clicked the ‘buy now’ button.

I don’t let any good deals go to waste! 🙂

I made a video where I share all the information I wish I had known before traveling to Bucharest. The feedback received so far it’s very encouraging, most comments say that it’s very accurate and that I paint a clear picture.


I don’t know about you, but before I travel somewhere I need to watch a lot of videos to get a better understanding of what to expect during my trip.

Here’s a summary of what I cover in my video:

✓ Bucharest Airports

  1. “Henri Coanda” International Airport known as “Otopeni Airport”
  2.  Private airport

Is Bucharest part of the European Community? YES

✓  Is the Euro commonly used? NO, you have to exchange your money for LEI (also called RON). 1 EURO equals 4.5 LEI

✓ How to get from the airport to the city center?

  1. TRAIN (8, 1 LEI -> € 1.80)
  2. BUS (780 and 783 -> 8.6 LEI about € 2)
  3. TAXI (1.39 LEI per Km)

✓ How to get around?

  1. TAXI
  2. UBER

 ✓  What hotel did you stay at?  At the Hotel Christina, very central.

✓ Where can I try traditional Romanian food?

  1. An expensive option
  2. A cheaper alternative

✓ Is Bucharest safe? I was pleasantly surprised: I was around until late at night without having any problems.

✓ What are people like there? Since I stayed in Bucharest for 4 days only, I can’t give you an exhaustive answer. However, I can tell you that nothing unpleasant happened apart from the taxi drivers hurrying you to pay them at the end of the ride (which, to be fair, is totally understandable).

✓ Around the city VLOG


I hope the video has been quite exhaustive, otherwise, you can ask me for all the information you need.

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