Bucharest thermal baths | Everything you need to know

With this article, I’d like for you to discover the thermal baths of Bucharest (www.therme.ro), considered by many the most spectacular in Europe.  Even though some time has passed since my trip to Bucharest and Transilvania, my YouTube video on the thermal baths proved to be so popular that I decided to write a companion article here on the blog as well.

Curious? You can watch the video right here.

Otherwise, keep reading to learn in greater detail about the thermal baths. I tried to answer all the questions I got over time as accurately as possible.


If you have a question that’s not listed here, get in touch and I’ll add it.

✓ What are the spa opening times for Therme Bucharest?
Bucharest thermal baths are open 7 days a week, from 10 am until 11 pm. Click here to view the daily activities schedule and to check what’s on.

If you want to get back to Bucharest city center, the last free shuttle bus departs from the thermal baths around midnight. Alternatively, taxis are easy to find or you could call an Uber.

✓ I would like to go there before heading to the airport. Do you recommend it?
This thermal bath-and-spa complex is quite close to the airport (about 8 km) and many decide to stop here before catching a flight. However, you’ll be rushed for time and you won’t get to enjoy the venue at nighttime when it looks its best. I decided to spend an entire day here.

✓ Where can I leave my luggage?
There are lockers where you can store a carry-on bag and other smaller bags (like I did). However, if you had a very large suitcase I would advise against taking it to the wellness center. The receptionists say that you’re free to leave them at the entrance, as they won’t fit in the lockers, but I don’t think there’s any security in place in that area.

✓ How can I get to the spa?
You can take a taxi or an Uber or get on the free shuttle. The advantage of taking a taxi is that you can and go as you please, you don’t have to follow the bus schedule. It’s also relatively cheap, I spent €6 euros to get to Therme Bucharest. The free shuttle bus takes about 45 minutes from Plata Romana in Bucharest to the wellness center.

Click here to view the shuttle bus timetables and the precise directions, which you can find below as well.





✓ How much does it cost to spend the day at the spa?

Before I answer this question, I highly recommend you to watch my video in which I explain – in detail – how the spa center is divided into 3 macro areas. How much you’re going to spend depends on the areas you want to visit and how long you’ll spend there.

I suggest that you purchase the full ticket for one day (96 LEI, about €20 per person). You’re free to enter and exit at any time and you can access all 3 areas. Please note that children under 16 years cannot enter the “Elysium” area.

In any case, on this page you’ll find all the rates and offers available. There are some really interesting family discounts, so take advantage!

✓ What do I get with a ticket purchase?

A wristband with a microchip. With it, you’ll be able to open your private locker to pay for food and drinks. Of course, you’ll have to settle your tab before leaving the venue.

You’ll also get a bathrobe and a large towel as well as a locker where to place your things (large enough to hold carry-on luggage!).

You’ll have access to changing rooms with showers and hairdryers too.

✓ Can you have lunch/dinner at Therme Bucharest?

Yes, there are several snack bars and restaurants where you can have a meal. I can’t give you my personal opinion as I didn’t eat there, but I know people who have and were happy with both quality and price.  

✓ Can you have a drink in the pool?

There are several swim-up pool bars so you can order and sip your cocktail without ever getting out of the pool (an experience I totally recommend trying!). As I already mentioned, you can use your wristband to add the drink to your tab, which you’ll have to settle before leaving the spa.

✓ Can you take photos (and videos) at the spa?

You are allowed to take pictures everywhere except the pool. I wandered around with my GoPro and the staff reprimanded me at least 10 times! But how could I have documented my experience otherwise? Oh well, sometimes you have to break the rules!

✓ Which areas have restricted access for children?

Children under 16 are only allowed to the Galaxy area. This an amazing area, with water slides and games for all ages. There are dedicated attractions for newborns too, including smaller pools and fun water games. Watch my video to get a better idea.  

✓ I’m planning to go in January or February when it’s more likely to snow. Do you think it is a good time to go there?

Yes, absolutely. I went there in February when it was -3° outside and there was lots of snow everywhere. I think that you can actually better appreciate this venue in winter because of the contrast between the warmth indoors and the icy cold outside.

✓ Can the sudden change from hot to cold harm you?

I too, before going there, had this fear but I was told that indoor/outdoor spas everywhere are quite popular because of the health benefits of this practice. My biggest fear was to have neck pain from having wet hair and going from 32° to -3° but I had no issues.


Bucharest thermal baths are an absolute must for those visiting Romania and for those who love spas.

The venue is stunning and totally modern.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this article and I was not paid to write this article. As always, all opinions are my own.