The physical and emotional changes during pregnancy

I don’t know whether to define this article as a page from my journal or an excuse to put to paper everything that is going through my mind now. Looking back over the last year, Imy life has changed completely. And change is the fil rouge for this article.


My work hasn’t changed due to indecision, the exact opposite is true actually.

Over the last year, I started making money in a different way than I was used to when I was an employee. During my 9-5 job, I was constrained by schedules and other people’s decisions. The same people that pretended to work in a group but were (lone) wolves in sheep clothes! Over the last year, the way I approach the the things I love to do, my passions and hopes for the future, has finally changed.cambiare

What used to be just a salary has turned into something more. I’m now proud to have been able to break away from corporate and being able to work on my own. The first few months were really difficult even though the support of my loved ones never left me, not even for a second. Then it was all a matter of actually doing, appreciating my efforts, accepting poor results and rejoicing for the important ones.


It’s been about 6 months since I first realized I was going to be a mother. There are words to explain how much my life – at that moment – has changed significantly. Overturned, I would say.

My needs are now divided (or doubled?). The woman who used to travel thinking only of her needs no longer does so. And she will never do it again because she (yes, it’s a girl!) has been a part of me since the day I found out about her existence.


I’ve always been used to body changes but this time it’s different, it’s special.

Change starts from the inside before your appearance ever changes. Your mood changes before your mind even realized it. Your heart changes before your body does.

Fortunately, to date, there has not been any major change in my body (I took only 2 kg) except the size of my beautiful tummy and the little one that kicks more and more every day (she’s just now kicking!).

In order to adapt my daily outfits to the pregnancy, I totally relied on maternity clothing by Kiabi. I find it rather useless to spend a lot of money on clothes that I will only use for a few months and I think Kiabi is the right compromise between quality and convenience.


What I’m wearing? Leggings premaman and Felpa Disney.

I’ve already written an article (you can find it here: low-cost premaman clothing? Kiabi leggings and boots) in which I presented the brand, the site and its clothing. I’ve been buying from them for years, both online and in store, and I’ve always felt very comfortable.

At every turn, every lie told I didn’t tell myself represented a step towards the new me. The one that changes every day. The one that does not adapt to society, but rather takes what’s necessary and nothing else. The one that is no longer offended by a harsh comment but tries to find a constructive takeaway. The one who is preparing to live the most overwhelming upheaval of her life and is doing so with all the desire for love possible and imaginable.

Don’t ever stop change, always welcome it into your life.

Happy holidays, my friends! 🙂



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