How to write a travel blog that people will actually read

How should a good travel blogger communicate? What does a travel blogger need to be successful?

If you’ve stumbled across this page, it’s probably because you, like me, have asked yourself these questions hundreds of times.

I’ve waited a long time to come up with answers that could really help.

If you’re thinking of becoming a travel blogger, know that you’re about to take on the best job in the world, but to do it right, you need to follow some guidelines.


Passion for travel is essential. You’re on the right track if you don’t just want to look at the Eiffel Tower because it is the undisputed symbol of Paris but because you want to know its history and find a personal connection to share with your followers.

If readers needed a picture of the Eiffel Tower, they could just look it up on Google. You, on the other hand, if you want to be a real Travel Blogger, have to tell a story. And not just any story, your story!

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To create quality content you have to be original, you have to be daring, you have to go beyond the simple exposition of facts and give something more.

Look for a niche to make your own, a theme you know very well and that you can explore without getting bored and bore your readers. This is the only way to become the go-to blogger, the first one that comes to mind during a conversation. There are plenty of fish in the sea and in this case it’s not a positive thing. To stand out, you have to create something innovative, if you just follow the trend you won’t last long in this field.

5 ways to improve your communication:

  • Research a destination thoroughly before your trip so you can report any interesting facts and useful information;
  • Analyze each leg of your trip;
  • Getting lost always adds something special to a trip, planning is essential but leave some room for spontaneity too;
  • Eyes of the heart: a better way to see. Try to create emotional content for readers to pay attention.

When you’re sure you’ve created quality content and have understood how you should communicate, then you’ll be ready to share everything on social media. In my opinion, you should focus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You may not manage 3 platforms at a time, but try to use 1-2 at least. Sharing your experience online is at the core of advertising. You could have a perfect website with amazing content but if you don’t let your followers know, then it would be useless.


I want to talk about the word trust from two different perspectives: the trust followers have in the blogger and the trust the blogger has in his/her work and skills.

In the first case, you’ll just have to know how to earn it. You have to cultivate the followers as if they were plants to be watered. Every day. And when you get there, it will be beautiful and exciting because they will be the ones to help you make it happen. In short, they will be the deus ex machina.

In the second case, however, the topic is much broader. There will be days when your goals will be crushed by the harsh reality. A reality in which the only people who will follow you will be your closest friends. And it is there, at that exact moment, that confidence in your work must take over. You should keep at it and believe in yourself until the end because, sooner or later, the real results will come.


Let’s get technical! First, an undeniable truth: if your blog doesn’t rank well on search engines, no one will ever find your blog.

I know it’s not an exciting subject to learn for many, but you must.

Blogs and social networks have a section dedicated to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and not using it means not to increase your visibility and not to warn Google of your presence. Fill in the section dedicated to indexing in detail by entering all the keywords that a reader could search for to get to your article. More simply, ask yourself this question: what would I write on Google if I wanted to have information on this topic? The answers you’ll get will be the ones you’ll have to write in your SEO TAGs.

On social networks, however, indexing is also given by hashtags so it is always better to prefer sensible words that can refer to your page rather than obscure terms. A small warning: do not put too many tags otherwise you will be penalized.

I know, SEO is a big mess but you should start getting your hands dirty if you want to start getting results.


Don’t be a douche: in real life and also online.

Always remember that there are many travel bloggers, you’ll get points for being nice and it’ll help you stand out


A lot of people buy followers on social networks. Let’s look at it in a bit more detail:

  • The followers you bought won’t engage with content and will just help to inflate your vanity metrics
  • Followers acquired through Facebook advertising are likely to be interactive fans.
  • Brands love to work with bloggers with a large following but they do not always check how many are fake
  • The whole castle of cards could blow up anytime as social networks keep penalizing profiles that adopt these tactics.

Having said that, you’re free to do as you see fit. 🙂

If you’re interested, I’ve also made a video entitled “How to make money traveling”.

How to become a successful travel blogger.

As always, I am here to answer any questions you should have.