Do you have what it takes to become a travel blogger?

Being paid to travel, who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t like saying “I’m off to work” while boarding a plane to Miami?

Alas, being a travel blogger isn’t just that. If you want to learn more about this, you can also read another article I wrote ‘How to become a travel blogger’.

Being a blogger doesn’t mean writing and sharing an article every once in a while on Facebook. Without leaving your passion behind, you must approach blogging with professionalism and commitment.

Here are some rules to follow if you want to be a great blogger.


There are many amateur travel bloggers out there but not many professionals. First, you need to understand what’s your angle, what service you want to offer and then you need to get visibility. Forget spam or dodgy tactics, simply keep the readers’ interests in mind and cater to those, this will bring them to choose you rather than someone else.


Closely related to the previous point, you can only get noticed if you publish quality content. It is certainly not the amount of information that you spam on social networks that will make you a good travel blogger. You have to choose a theme and stick to it, try to provide original information that they would not find online otherwise.

How do you create great content? By studying, looking at what competitors do and by hoping that someone will reward your dedication.

diventare travel bloggerdiventare travel blogger


You need to share your work online so that anyone can view the results. This way, your blog could make you money.

If you do your job well, you’re sure that – sooner or later – someone will notice and will believe in you enough to work with you.

If you want to know “How much does a Travel Blogger earn“, head over to my article and watch my YouTube video.


Always be available for clarification, additional information or just to help. An influencer must be empathetic, trustworthy and approachable. The reader will be quick to abandon you otherwise.

diventare travel blogger

If you think you’ve got what it takes, get started!



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