How to make money online: everything you need to know

For many, it’s just a side-hustle, but for others, it can become their main source of income. But how can you make money online? I’ll try to answer all your questions, don’t worry, for a very long time I asked myself the very same questions.


Unless you already run a company and want to create a parallel income stream, then you have to start from scratch.

But don’t get discouraged, you can do it!

The first thing to do is to accurately identify the field you want to work in. Something you excel in and can make you stand out, something you have studied and researched thoroughly. Once you have found your niche, there are 3 steps to take:

SET UP A WEBSITE: either by yourself or with the help of a pro, it should collate all your work in one place, where your articles will be cataloged and visible to the whole world.
MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE A PRO: I always recommend to pick 1 or 2 platforms and not be everywhere, this way you can spend enough time managing updates and content properly.
COME UP WITH A STRATEGY: this step will help you especially when you start to get followers and, consequently, it will be necessary to identify the issues that are most important to your followers. It will be useless, in fact, to publish an article on gardening if your followers are reading your posts to learn more about contemporary art.



This is a question that many people have asked me and the answer is NO.

On the contrary, all those who consider themselves bloggers must own a blog or they shouldn’t call themselves this way.

An online CV or the online counterpart of a brick and mortar business don’t need to factor in any interaction with followers. Bloggers, on the other hand, have to interact with followers through comments, social media and videos. Networking, sharing, helping, supporting, joking are all verbs that should be part of the everyday life of every blogger.


All right, now that you know what you need, let’s get the ball rolling!

SELL YOUR SERVICES: if through your blog, you have become the-go-to-guy for website design, then you can start selling this service online. How? Create a dedicated sales page and start contacting companies/individuals that can be potential customers. For this to succeed you need to study your target market and you also need to understand who your competitors are and how you can position your brand.
Become THE BEST VERSION OF YOU: never stop, reach your greatest potential. Study, analyze the market, understand new technologies and always go the extra mile. Only if you become the go-to-person you’ll start earning enough.
EARN WITH YOUTUBE: if you think you can offer video services to your followers, know that with Youtube you can monetize your work. It won’t be easy at first, but once you’ve cleared the way, it’s all downhill. In one video, I explain how much you can earn and how to monetize your videos and I also reveal the incredible figures earned by the top youtubers.
MAKE MONEY WITH ADVERTISING ON YOUR BLOG: advertising banners can help you earn a little if the website is very popular. You get a commission for each click on an advertising banner (in this case we talk about PPC-> Pay per Click) or after that click has led to a purchase. Consider that large blogs make big bucks through this operation alone. On the other hand, however, too many advertisements can annoy readers, so don’t go overboard with ad banners!

I hope I answered your questions and cast away any doubts you may have. If that’s not the case, get in touch and I’ll try my best to help you out.





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