Falzes and Lake Issengo, the sunny terrace of South Tyrol

Falzes and Lake Issengo, the sunny terrace of South Tyrol They call it the sunny terrace of South Tyrol because of the sweeping vistas that Falzes offers its visitors. The town is located in the Italian region of Trentino Alto Adige, in the heart of the Pusteria valley and the Dolomites, only a few kilometers from Brunico. I want to bring you along as I explore this small town, which is extremely popular, especially in Summer.   As I write this article I’m sitting on my room’s balcony, overlooking Lake Issengo and enjoying a cup of tea. Here [...]


Le 10 cose da fare assolutamente ad Alghero

10 things you absolutely must do in Alghero If there’s a place that helps me clear my mind, no matter where I am in the world, it's McDonald’s. I’m currently sitting in one in the town of Alghero, writing this article. The romantics amongst you perhaps pictured me in a beautiful setting, somewhere peaceful and with a magnificent view. Alas no, I’m sitting in the corner, there are two birthday parties, kids running around, teenagers on their first date but none of it annoys me. I’m far away, in my own bubble. My week in Alghero has come [...]


Flying over Yosemite National Park

Flying over Yosemite National Park Have you ever thought of admiring the beauty of the Yosemite National Park in California from another perspective? Specifically, from above?This type of experience is designed for those who cannot walk or for those who are after a unique and different experience.Such a visit to the Yosemite National Park is suitable for those which find walking along the park trails quite difficult or those who are simply looking for a unique experience. You’ll still get to admire the high granite walls, the waterfalls, the streams and all that the park has to offer.Hundreds of tourists [...]


Hotel Melia Campione: when an event becomes an amazing experience

Hotel Melia Campione: when an event becomes an amazing experience Before I tell you all about this particular hotel, I believe a general presentation of the Melià hotel chain is necessary. Are you ready to dive into a sea of ​​splendor? Over 350 hotels in 40 different countries, about 87,000 rooms, millions of employees, these are just some of the thousand reasons why you should consider staying here when traveling. Meliá Hotels International is one of the most important hotel chains of all time. It was founded in 1956 by Gabriel Escarrer Juliá in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. [...]


Earth, sea and sky: California’s must-see natural wonders

Earth, sea and sky: California's must-see natural wonders I've never been to California, but one of the things I love to do is to dream-travel through books, documentaries and other people's articles. A few days ago I came across this article from the US Tourism Authority that talks about California as a paradise for nature lovers. There are as many different landscapes as there are ways to discover this part of the world. In this article, I’d like to bring you along as I explore unspoiled landscapes, where nature shows itself naked and raw in its incredible beauty [...]



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