The best cocktails ever | Il Baretto, in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Do you know the feeling you get when, after a long day at the beach, you want something cold, thirst-quenching and delicious? Well, that’s why I chose to stop for an aperitif at Il Baretto, in the central square of Santa Teresa di Gallura. Located in the northern part of Sardinia, you can read all about this town in my article ‘All you need to know about Santa Teresa di Gallura’.

Before sitting down, I looked up a couple of reviews on the web and the more I read, the more I wanted to try their cocktails. Il Baretto is known to be one of the best bars in the whole of Sardinia. I said to myself, why not order something? I didn’t stop there however, I started chatting with the owner Aldo and his team and that’s where the idea for this article comes from, so you can know more about what’s behind a cocktail.

bar a santa teresa di gallura


Yes, when the owner chose to buy this place, it was a disused haberdashery but its strategic position won him over, as it’s surrounded by some of the most famous sights in Santa Teresa di Gallura.

A challenge undertaken by the owner in 2010. He wanted to create an innovative bar with a vintage feel. An idea which can be found both in the decor and the customer service. Aldo scoured antique markets to buy dishes, glasses, utensils different from the usual for his bar.

bar a santa teresa di gallura



One of the core values of Il Baretto: organic, seasonal ingredients, purchased fresh every day. All the produce is vetted rigorously before it can reach the customer’s table.

I personally witnessed the preparation of the cocktails in the kitchen, and I can assure – with absolute certainty – that in addition to the cleanliness and kindness of the staff, all the raw produce smelled absolutely fresh. The scent of basil, mint, cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, a real treat for smell and sight.

bar a santa teresa di gallura

bar a santa teresa di gallura


There’s a cocktail for everyone at Il Baretto. The ones below are the ones I personally tried:

  • PINA COLADA: select pineapples are used both for their size and the degree of ripeness of the fruit , once emptied, a part is blended with the addition of coconut milk and Cuban rum (strictly white) and the rest is served in a tray with a side of fresh exotic fruit.
  • MAMMA MIA: one of the most appreciated non-alcoholic drinks with fresh notes given by the mixing of ginger, basil, strawberries and a pear extract. All the ingredients are local.

bar a santa teresa di gallura

  • MIRKONOS 17: an innovative drink created by the excellent bartender Alejandro Giacalone. This cocktail uses elements of the famous Mescal (distilled agave that reaches its best when the plant turns 6/8 years old). It’s mixed with falernum, a product made with about 10 spices and aromas, pear liqueur (Chatreuse verde) and a dash of absinthe to give a nice kick to the drink. This drink is served on a persimmon’s leaf and the glass is lined with a gusano rojo salt crust.
  • CALL ME: new entry in Il Baretto drink list. Based on the Negroni and served in an English telephone booth with a smoky whiskey that recalls the London’s grey skies.

bar a santa teresa di gallura

All cocktails stand out for their incredible attention to detail and spectacular creativity.

Sipping a cocktail from this bar in Santa Teresa di Gallura is like taking a journey to discover each flavor and ingredient.

These are other signature cocktails at this bar in Santa Teresa di Gallura.


As soon as you arrive at this cocktail bar in Santa Teresa di Gallura, you’ll feel at home surrounded by family. All the 15 guys who work here, are always smiling, a sure sign that they too feel at home.

“There is a lot of collaboration among us”, the owner told me, who often makes business decisions involving them. This way everyone has the opportunity to improve and to be an integral part of the business.

The 15 employees often go to professional training courses in winter, both in Italy and abroad, to learn about new bartending techniques.


The owner, who’s originally from Sicily, has brought to Sardinia his desire for each customer to leave as a friend. I’ve got to say he succeeded. Most of the customers appreciate the tranquility of the place, remain fascinated by the flair of the cocktails and love the great atmosphere, which is so hard to come by these days.



This bar in Santa Teresa di Gallura, in addition to being in the main square, is just under 5 minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches in the area: the Rena Bianca. You’ll be able to order a picnic lunch (sandwiches, wraps, toasts, salads, fruit, drinks) and get it delivered to you on the beach at the appointed time. What a great idea!

bar a santa teresa di gallura

Mobile catering is also on the cards for Il Baretto, which from 1 July 2017 will be able to serve cocktails and finger food at parties, working together with a restaurant.

bar a santa teresa di gallura

We’ve come to the end of this article and I’d like to share my very own personal impression. I never thought that behind a bar there could be such professionals. Knowing their stories, their sacrifices and their skill allowed me to discover a world that, until yesterday, was unknown to me.

Congratulations, guys! Keep up the good work!

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