Slovenia, as told by an “atypical” Blogger | #TravelInterview

Today, with this Travel Interview, I want to take you to Slovenia, to a region, in particular, one that greatly impressed my interviewee. I’ll also introduce you to a different way of blogging, where the journey is more important than anything else, even the traveler.

Let me introduce you to Enzo, the travel blogger behind ‘Incurable Traveler’. In a world full of selfies, he made the radical choice not to appear in the photos he takes. Together with his wife, he tells about the places he visits, their culture, history and the equally important food and wine too.  

You’ve been a travel blogger since 2008. What prompted you to become one?

I have always had a passion for travel and after planning my first trip with my wife to Ireland in 2008, I wanted to share my experience, as well as the information I collected with others. I thought that my stories could become a resource or inspiration for those who were planning similar trips. It’s really from this desire that the idea was born and I launched one of the first travel blogs in Italy.  

You call yourself an “incurable traveler”. Do you think that the journey can also bring relief to the wounds of the soul?

I believe that traveling can be a wonderful break from your routine and that it allows you to open yourself to new and different realities. It is always a moment of growth, especially if your mind is free from prejudices. When you travel you discover places, you meet people and above all, you put yourself to the test by learning new things about yourself.

I believe that the wounds of the soul can be cured in many ways. For example, visiting the Caporetto Museum in Slovenia, which is a museum on one of the worst moments in history, helped me to better understand all the sacrifices our elders have made to give us the freedom we so often take for granted.

slovenia intervista

What part of traveling do you prefer the most?

The planning for sure. I spend a lot of time and energy on planning, I like to create itineraries that, in addition to the essential attractions, also include unusual activities. For example, exploring Barcelona through its graffiti or taking a cooking class, something that tells me more about the place I traveled to. Once at the destination, I can be carefree, knowing I’ve already planned everything. Though I have to admit that, from time to time, I like to mix things up during the trip!

One of my favorite things is also the wonderful trepidation you feel ahead of departure!

What motivates you to travel?

Curiosity is the engine that generates every discovery and traveling for me is a discovery of the world, of others and of myself. This is why I travel.

Do you believe there is a link between your studies and your passion?

I think that my studies have allowed me to read about places I later traveled to but I believe that the passion for travel is innate and your level of education doesn’t really matter.

Do you love lowcost travel or do you like to indulge in luxury?

It depends on whom I’m traveling with, the destination and how I’m feeling. I like the concept of low-cost travel but I must say that I also love luxury, especially on particular occasions and for some destinations. Sometimes you need to pamper yourself, traveling doesn’t always have to be adventurous.

Do you tend to travel only with people you love?

I mainly travel with my wife and my son. The trips I shared with my loved ones are those I ended up cherishing the most. Now that I’m traveling with my son I find myself seeing the world through his eyes and even the smallest thing is a new discovery, something to be in awe of, something exciting.

What did you find out about yourself during your travels?

As I said before, traveling broadens your mind the mind and the experiences that you live allow you to know yourself better. I realized I can demonstrate great adaptability but at the same time, I understood how important it is to me to follow my own rhythm and to have the right travel companions. As I grow older, comfort is also something that’s becoming more important to me.

Did you ever meet someone who you still remember fondly?

The people I met during a press trip to Sri Lanka. There were bloggers from all over the world and it was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

slovenia intervista

Which destination would you like to visit again and why?

Last year’s trip to China was the most exciting so far. Three weeks in this country allowed me to appreciate its culture and traditions. Ahead of my trip, I was a bit scared but now I’m a fan! China stole my heart and I will definitely go back.
I’ll also go back to Slovenia, which is only a 2-hour drive from where I live. It’s a hidden gem. I love its unspoiled nature, the food and though it’s not very touristy, it has a lot to offer to travelers.

Thank you so much, Enzo, for telling us about your experiences and for sharing your travel idea with us.


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