An eco-resort full of authenticity and flavor: Cantico della Natura

A few days ago I was a speaker at an event on sustainable tourism. After I talked about my career in travel blogging, I focused my speech on luxury resorts, particularly on the difference between the hi-tech ones and those having a strong connection to the natural environment. The image below is a slide from my presentation, where I mentioned a luxury resort in Umbria I’m madly in love with.

Get comfy, because in this article I’m to list all the reasons that made me fall in love.


The Umbrian resort I’d like to tell you about is called Cantico della Natura. They’re an eco-resort attached to an organic farm. Built in the 1600s, it was originally a convent. Years later it was then turned into a farmhouse where up to 6 families could live at one time. After the Second World War, it was abandoned and it was then renovated by the Micci family, keeping its fascinating period features intact.

The resort is located in Magione, about 15 km from Lake Trasimeno and Perugia, but don’t worry, I’ll give you tips on day trips to take from here at the end of this article.  

Eco-sustainability, as we all know, means not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources. The Cantico della Natura resort was one of the first hotels to join the network of EcoWorldHotel, an Italian consortium that brings together eco-sustainable hotels and accommodations.

I usually don’t copy and paste text straight from a hotel’s website, but I made an exception in this case as I think that what they say on there can help you understand their ethos:

  • Our renovation followed the principles of green construction.
  • We keep water waste in check.
  • We control the average flow of water coming out of the showers.
  • At our restaurant we don’t use bottles but a water dispenser instead.
  • The wastewater goes through an organic, purifying process that separates fats and oils.
  • We irrigate our lawns and garden outside the hottest time of day.
  • We installed energy-saving LED light bulbs.
  • We use eco-certified detergents.
  • The energy powering the resorts comes exclusively from renewable sources.
  • We have autonomous heating in each room.
  • Our furniture is made from sustainable materials.
  • We use environmentally-friendly toilet paper.
  • We have a recycling scheme in place.
  • Our farm follows strict organic farming methods.
  • We serve organic, local produce as much as we can.


If you prefer a hotel close to bars and clubs, then this isn’t the resort for you. If instead, you love luxury, tranquility and being surrounded by nature then Cantico della Natura is the perfect place for you! Whilst getting here can be a bit tricky, the serene landscape greeting you at destination makes it all worth it. I suggest you update your GPS or your smartphone map app before departure.

The resort is surrounded by nature, there’s a swimming pool as well as several hiking trails nearby.


So far, there are 15 guest rooms at this resort in Umbria.

Each one has its own private entrance and is different in style and use.  

The guest rooms are divided as follows:

  • 2 apartments
  • 6 rooms
  • 3 junior suites
  • 4 suites

Renovated and furnished with antiques, they are inspired by the months of the year and the various phases of rural life. It’s truly a journey through the seasons of nature and life.

I didn’t get to see all the rooms (an excellent excuse to go back again) so I’ll share with you the photos from their website. There is a suite, for example, that’s perfect for stargazers, with a round mattress and a beautiful sky view.

It sounds great, doesn’t it?

resort in umbria


Attention to detail is one of the things I appreciate the most. I like giving importance to certain aspects that could be irrelevant to others. I also love being pampered and that’s how I felt when staying here.

Every guest need is satisfied at this resort in Umbria. Couples staying here can take advantage of the many free extras other hotels charge a fortune for, while families will love the kid’s club and the other services dedicated to them.

Guests here for business will find total tranquility for working on their laptops and of course, this beautiful location is the perfect setting for events and celebrations. Cantico della Natura has been chosen by many couples for their wedding as it grants you complete privacy and vistas of unprecedented beauty.

resort in umbria


One of the extras that can be booked at the resort is access to the spa. An hour and a half of total relaxation, without having to share the space with anyone, all for €25 per person.

Changing rooms, a sauna, a hammam, a large shower with intimate soap, a relaxation room with deck chairs, as well as a wide selection of teas and, finally, a Jacuzzi with chromotherapy.


There are so many of you who never travel without their faithful four-legged friends. At this property, animals are more than welcome in both the guest rooms and in the common areas. Not only that: on arrival, you’ll find in your room either a dog or cat bed and the number of the local veterinarian.


You know how important this aspect is to me and you know how careful I am in the review of gourmet restaurants. Let’s get started then!

There are an indoor dining room and a lovely patio. During the summer months, only breakfast is served inside. Having stayed at the resort in early October, dinner was served indoors instead that on the patio.

These are the restaurant’s opening times:

  • 1st June – 15th September, open on all weekdays and on public holidays both for lunch and dinner.  
  • 1st April – 30th September, open every day for dinner
  • 1st October – 30th March, Thursday to Sunday, dinner only.

In my case, the restaurant was open only in the evening so they they prepared lunch for us consisting of a platter of typical Umbrian cold cuts and cheeses, accompanied by bread and wine. A delight for the palate, I swear!

resort in umbria

As for our evening meal, everything they served was local and I really loved this. From the meat to the wines, only the best delicacies were chosen for the menu.

Portions are on the smaller side but that’s ideal for tasting everything that’s on the menu, from the appetizers to the desserts. The wholemeal tagliatelle with aubergines and sun-dried tomatoes were so good that I recreated the recipes at home 3 times already. The meat was superb and the desserts sublime.  


This resort in Umbria can accommodate any request. Being pregnant at the time I asked for certain ingredients to be removed from my dish (foie gras, for example) and my husband, being allergic to some ingredients, requested a personalized menu.

This attention to detail and the overall customer care really impressed me.


Umbria is famous for its culture, art and nature. Within a 20-km-radius of the resort you’ll find Perugia as well as Lake Trasimeno.

As I had visited Perugia already, I chose to go to the Perugina chocolate factory for a guided tour of their museum. I really liked it. The ticket costs only €9 and the tour lasts about 1 hour. You’ll learn more about this brand and chocolate in general, and of course you’ll get to taste some as well.

I then headed to the shores of Lake Trasimeno, which I had only admired from afar back at the resort.

A big thank you to the staff at Cantico della Natura for having me!
You can also watch my YouTube video below:




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