Where to eat in San Marino? My favourite places!

I couldn’t help but dedicate an entire article on the restaurants I went to in San Marino (you can read more about my trip here: Festive fun for all ages: the Christmas markets in San Marino).

I went to 5 different places and I want to talk about each of them in a totally objective way. The list you will find below is not sorted by best to worst, they’re listed in random order.

All the restaurants listed below are located in the old town and they’re all very close to each other.


This was the first place we had lunch at. When I walked inside, it reminded me immediately of when I used to walk into my grandmother’s kitchen: the same perfume of fresh groceries, homemade delicacies and a mouth-watering menu.

There’s also a shop where you can buy homemade products, with a wonderful selection of spices, oils, condiments (try the caramelized onion – it’s delicious) and pasta.

As I already explained in the article Festive fun for all ages: the Christmas markets in San Marino, the locanda now offers a well-appointed apartment with 2 bedrooms, which is a great option if you want to stay in the old town and have a kitchen at your disposal.

The trattoria is split on two floors: the ground floor, where you can also find the shop and the first floor (there’s a stair with about 10 steps), where in addition to a large dining room there is also “the living room”, a private room where you can dine and feel really at home.

Mara, Federico, Sabrina and all the staff will truly make your lunch special.

For a meal including starters, pasta and mains the price varies between 30 and 45 euros per person. Not bad given the quality!

For both lunch and dinner you can also order pizzas. In addition to the classic ones, there is also a wide choice of gourmet pizzas. I bet you cannot wait to try them all! 🙂


This is the restaurant of the Hotel Titano, the most iconic hotel in San Marino, overlooking the main square.

Having spent a night in this hotel, I had the pleasure of using the restaurant dining room for breakfast. If you know me a little, you know how important food is for me, breakfast especially. This time, however, I couldn’t focus on the food at all. Do you know why? Because the dining room is lined by floor-to-ceiling windows and the panorama is absolutely breathtaking, straight out of a fairytale. You’ll feel suspended amongst the clouds! An amazing experience which I can’t quite put into words, so I’ll let the picture below do all the work.

In the evening, instead, the atmosphere is magical and quiet (if it weren’t for the fact that Iris, that evening, laughed and chatted all the time!) and the windows overlook the amazing light projections on the main square (if you read my article you’ll know all about it).

A meal here is not cheap but not even exaggeratedly expensive given the quality of the food. In any case, here you will find the menu with prices.

We tried the bresaola carpaccio with burrata (delicious!), culatello with squacquerone cheese, beef medallion with smoked scamorza, grilled prawns, tiramisu and cheesecake.

Usually in high-caliber restaurants such as this one the portions are not very generous, but that’s not the case here.


The famous restaurant of chef Luigi Sartini, located in the main square of San Marino, Piazza Libertà .

Simple interiors, rustic furnishings and simple and elegant dishes.

Despite the hype around this place, prices are absolutely average (you’ll find a picture of the menu amongst the photos below). The dishes, however, are anything but. The quality is very high and it is impossible to leave on an empty stomach.

Scampi, tapas with grilled vegetables (I ordered a second one!), green lasagna and gallinella, piadina: everything was delicious, but a special mention goes to the lasagna, which I really loved!


Another iconic restaurant worthy of note is Cesare, which is also a renowned hotel in San Marino. Elaborate proposals, excellent fresh ingredients and a refined atmosphere.

Of all the restaurants I’ve been to, this is certainly the most expensive, but I’ll leave it to you to evaluate when checking the menu.

I ate divinely and if you decide to have lunch or dinner in this restaurant I highly recommend the grilled fish, the side dish of porcini mushrooms and the tangerine sorbet. Next time I go there, I would like to try some pasta dishes and, why not, some starters too.


This is, without a doubt, the place I liked the most in terms of decor. Spacious and refined in its simplicity.

It is split on two levels: the ground floor is a pizzeria and the upper floor a dining room with an outdoor space too.

I don’t know about you but one of the first things I value in a restaurant is the bread. Here, I was served hot, homemade bread: simply delicious! This was followed by charcuterie, cheeses, two incredibly good pasta dishes (pasta with truffles and passatelli with tomatoes and basil), grilled meat. To end the meal, a Catalan cream with vanilla ice cream.

And there goes my diet! Also in this case, the prices are average and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

I hope you’ll find amongst these the perfect restaurant for you when in San Marino.

For any other info, just drop me a line!




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